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Help Center Setup

You are planning to scale your business or online store but have not created a support center yet. We will take a deep look into your business and customer expectations to create create customer-centred help centers create FAQ for every c=unique case and product Manage support tickets Setup Live Chat reduce unnecessary phone calls 100% Satisfaction for your customers Miss no customers

Completed in

4-6 weeks

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Customer Management Systems

We will create a custom segments with your customers based on their activities on your website like recent purchases, last login times, total spends or based on their last purchases and more.

Completed in

4-6 weeks

Business Manager App

You have multiple brands and websites to manage, You have more than 100 active customers. You want to automate everything possible to run your multiple businesses from one dashboard. If so, Business Manager App will be the best solution for you. We will take a look into your businesses and optimize your workflows and will create an automated and easy to manage dashboard for you and your team.

Completed in

8-12 weeks

Template Customization

You are planning to start selling online but has no experience with e-commerce platforms and website managing. We will find the best online store platform for your need and customize it according to your brand and products

Completed in

1-2 weeks

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