Service Overview

Start to end detailed targeting marketing operations.

We try to understand your goals to achieve and create a campaign around it for your targeted customer profile.


You want to Increase brand awaraness or increase your sells.

Starts with a unique point of view to your brand and the products and services you provided.


You want to Increase brand awaraness or increase your sells.

Starts with a unique point of view to your brand and the products and services you provided.


It may takes up to 4-6 weeks from start to end.

From market analytics to creative idea development process for the campaign. Design, copywriting and landing pages developments including your social media ads and Google display banners. Much more task to be done properly and consistently in max 6 weeks from start.

The process
Understanding your short and long term business goals

We dive in to deep as much as we can to understand your business nature, brand ethics, goals and expectations from the campaign. According to the answers you provided for us we will come to you with alternative plans with flexible budgets.

Analyzing the market and competitors before the creative process.

Before we take any steps into the creative process, we define the undiscovered areas to build your campaign on it. Once we are done with the research, we jump into creating your campaign idea and structure to achieve your targeted audiences in the noise.

The big idea and wireframing structure of the campaign.
Creating the campaign materials and integrations

Designing the structure of the campaigns, milestones, budget, planning the ad creatives with the related landing pages. Also, creating the system to tracking systems to retargeting your potential customers and optimize the campaign creatives and landing pages accordingly.

Publishing and analyzing and improving

Once we go live with the campaign, we focus on the keystones to achieve them one by one and along the way we keep analyzing the user data to optimize your campaign to achieve best combinations of the adsets and langind pages.

Final outcome

What's included in the Marketing Operation

✓ Campaign goals and targets consultancy

✓ Creative advertising campaign design

✓ Marketing Campaign Strategy Creation

✓ Creating activity based customer segmentation

✓ Creating Email Campaigns and schedules

✓ Creating landing pages & sales funnels.

✓ Campaign Email Covers & Content Designes

✓ Campaign flyers design, prints & delivery

✓ Creating user activity based auto emails

✓ Social Media Ad campaigns & Copywriting

✓ Setting up the Google analytics for landing pages

✓ Google Display Banners Sets design

✓ Campaign focused social media posts, storeis and twits.

✓ Day by day campaign plan to follow up.

Some of the goals to achieve together

✓ Get more potential customers data collected.

✓ Get discovered your brand

✓ Reach out your real customers

✓ Increase your Conversion rate

✓ Get more social media followers increased.

✓ Reduce the cost per click (CPC)

✓ Get real subscribers to your newsletter

✓ See detailed analyzes to optimize your website

✓ Get free organic traffic to your website

✓ Gain real followers with high email open rates

✓ Reach out thousands of your brand funs with email marketing

✓ Get your products and services shared organically

✓ Make more sales to every single visitors

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