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Mind the Work

This is not game

Crafting an eSports Icon: Dual-branding for diverse audiences. Complete identity, UI/UX, and vibrant social presence.

White is bad
Tidy Stickers

Transforming smart tools with exclusive designs. Full brand suite, e-commerce, and vibrant digital engagement.

Make a bold mark.
AA Partners

Reimagining Legal Brilliance: Fresh branding for a leading London firm. Enhanced digital strategy, web experience, and custom CRM.

Bespoke lighting to be spoken.
Heka Lighting & Design

Rebranding a decade of mastery. Comprehensive design from identity to office interiors and global sales channels.

Creative functionality

Revitalising Creative Spaces: Partnering for a holistic rebrand. Design meets function from identity to full-scale advertising.

Anything Under 18 Dollars

Redefining E-Commerce: Creating a unique retail niche. From branding to e-commerce design and dynamic social strategy.

A good plan requires no plan B.
Brand concept, logo, product design and web development.

Making brand management accessible and intuitive. Designed for clarity, available anytime, anywhere, anyone.

Your voice. Your sign.
Brand concept, logo, product design and web development.

Naming, logo and branding for an AI-driven app transforming spoken words into precise notes, enhancing meeting productivity.

Construction. Re-designed.
Brand concept, logo, product design and web development.

"Revitalizing the foundation: A comprehensive rebrand for GAP Construction, infusing modernity into their logo and establishing a cohesive brand identity rooted in their legacy.

Crafting Culinary Identities
Logo, positioning, campaign and outdoor advertising.

Logo creation, comprehensive branding, outdoor aesthetics, and website design for PizzaKule.

Crafting a Print Revolution
brand concept, logo, product design and web development.

At, we conceived and brought to life a unified printing hub. From concept development and brand positioning to logo design, we shaped a platform that redefines print sourcing with quality, speed, and escrow-backed trust.

It's a wild world. But we liked it.
brand concept, logo, product design and web development.

For, we designed a unique identity from concept to launch. Celebrating the outdoors, we developed a brand that serves as a hub for hiking, camping, and survival enthusiasts.

An album cover crafted by hand
Album concept design, illustration and printing consultancy.

For London-based singer-songwriter Gazel, we handcrafted a distinctive album cover, marrying illustration with design for both vinyl and CD editions.

Humanity of machines
Logo, design system, positioning and product catalogue.

For Crophex, a U.S. heat exchanger titan, we crafted a cohesive logo, catalog, and design system - encapsulating their mission of building machines for a sustainable future.

A simple touch
Logo design, positioning and card.

For Global Textile, a leading international textile consultancy and trader, our design threads the globe with the finesse of a wool ball and needle, capturing their expansive influence and textile mastery.

A bottle of mountain air.
Positioning, branding and campaign.

For Hisar Kaynak SU, we wove a branding and advertising campaign spotlighting their commitment to preserving nature's pure essence. Celebrating the bottled purity, untouched and undisturbed - just as nature intended.

Logo, letterhead and card design
Logo design and branding.

"Crafted with precision over two weeks: A bold, kind, and wild emblem for an auto parts manufacturer. A design that still garners compliments and drives referrals.

Walking on the borders.
Branding, design system and positioning.

Crafting identity for the vanguard of communication: A brand design guided by the very essence of connectivity's redlines.

Logo and card design for flowershop
Logo, design system, card design.

Breathing life into floristry: A logo and business card design distilled to the essence of floral elegance, emphasizing color, form, and balance

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Award-Winning Excellence

Mind the Team

An elite ensemble of industry-recognised visionaries, passionately crafting distinctive masterpieces for businesses.

Yigit Zigal
Creative Director
Ece Hapcioglu
Brand Manager
Sezay Karagöz
Brand Strategist
Meltem Gören
Operation Manager
Caglasu Cemre Cosar
Client Acquisition
Bengisu Bilekli
Illustrator, Copywriter.
Lara Adaliyilmaz
Head of Art
Seyma Bakir
Social Media Manager
Izel Adala
Social Media Assistant

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Wildmind For Businesses

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Access a pool of global creative professionals and manage multiple teams within Wildmind's environment.

As a business owner, you are constantly seeking out the best creative talent to bring your visions to life. At Wildmind, you can manage multiple teams of versatile creatives from around the globe, all within a structured and supportive environment. Here, you can oversee projects, set goals, and ensure deliverables are met, all while receiving comprehensive support and access to our project management tools. Plus, our fixed monthly fee ensures predictable budgeting and our private dashboard gives you full control over your projects and teams.

Business Plan

Lead up to 3 teams of creative talent and maximize productivity with our comprehensive project management tools.

Personal Ventures

Manage a compact team of creative professionals tailored to your project needs.

Wildmind For Independents

Showcase Your Talent and Build a secured income.

The era of traditional freelancing has come to an end. Welcome to Wildmind - where we redefine independence for creative professionals. Here, you have the freedom to choose when to work, where to work, and how to communicate, without worrying about chasing payments or handling tedious administrative tasks. We take care of those so you can focus on what you do best - creating! Forget about freelancing, embrace independence with Wildmind.

Enjoy the freedom of secured monthly income and work at your own pace, in your own space. As an independent professional at Wildmind, you dictate when and where you work. Whether you're a freelancer eager to expand your reach or an industry expert aiming to contribute to exciting projects, Wildmind is your platform. Showcase your skills, manage your availability, and join diverse creative teams to work on a multitude of innovative projects. Connect with businesses worldwide and become part of our vibrant and talented creative community. With Wildmind, you also gain access to a private dashboard where you can effortlessly track your project progress and earnings.

✓ Secured Monthly Income
✓ Limited Communication
✓ Work on Your Terms
✓ Hassle-Free Experience
✓ Private Dashboard
✓ Global Exposure
✓ Growth Opportunities
✓ Referral Program
✓ Free to Resources
✓ Gain recognition

Register as a Creative

Show off your skills, manage your time and be part of up to 3 teams

Register as a Manager

Leverage your experience and network to lead teams and access Wildmind's business clients

Register as an Expert

Get recognized for your expertise, attract high-value projects, and provide consultation to diverse teams

Refer a friend

The referred creative must be hired for a project. The 10% bonus is calculated based on their first month's earnings and paid out in the following month.

Wildmind For Agencies

Top talent for your clients. Hire a creative team instead of a single employee.

Agency owners, welcome to Wildmind - a collaborative platform that seeks to enhance your unique vision, not compete with it. There is no room for competition in the realm of creativity; we are here to foster collaboration and offer a secure environment for both independents and businesses. At Wildmind, you can assemble your dream team, amplify your vision, and have access to an array of project management tools. Revel in the freedom to concentrate on realizing high-quality projects, while we handle the administrative aspects. You are our client as much as any other, and your success is a matter of pride for us. So come, build your team with us, and let's create together.

Secure process: Focus on your vision and client acquisition, we handle the rest.
Cancel anytime: Flexible membership for changing circumstances, no hard feelings.
Fixed monthly fee: Get access to diverse talent, managers, and expert teams.
Scalable: Expand your capabilities as your agency grows, on your terms.

Agency Owner

Build a team up to 7 independent and manage them yourself with your resources.

Wildlabel Team

Access Wildmind's resources, self managed teams, and maintain your brand identity in your dashboard.

Invite an Agency: Lifetime Priority and Earnings!

Invite an agency to join the Wildmind community, and not only will you enjoy lifetime priority for all their projects, but you'll also earn 3% from each spending they make, for a lifetime, with no upper limit! Every time the agency you referred invests in a project, you get rewarded!

Wildmind For Investors

Invest in Creativity and Innovation right in the kitchen, not from the marketplace.

Engage with creativity and innovation right at its inception, not just from the marketplace. Lend your support to a fledgling idea that could bloom into a global brand, or champion an individual simply for the joy of nurturing talent. Embrace creativity, and let the creators come to you. Stand behind a project as it unfolds in real-time. Gain intimate access to your investments and the people driving them, bolstered by comprehensive, timely reports. Dive into the world of creative investment with Wildmind.

Secure process: Focus on your vision and client acquisition, we handle the rest.
Cancel anytime: Flexible membership for changing circumstances, no hard feelings.
Fixed monthly fee: Get access to diverse talent, managers, and expert teams.
Scalable: Expand your capabilities as your agency grows, on your terms.

Seed Investor

Dip your toes into creative investment with watchlists for up to 5 talents, projects, or businesses and basic performance reports.

Venture Investor

Broaden your creative portfolio with watchlists for up to 20 talents, projects, or businesses, detailed performance reports, and early access to new opportunities.

Angel Investor

Step into a world of unlimited opportunity with unrestricted watchlists, comprehensive performance reports, first access to all new projects, participation in select decision-making processes, and the potential to acquire stakes in projects or businesses. [

Invite an Investor

Invite an investor to join the Wildmind community, and you can earn 3% from each investment they make for a lifetime, with no upper limit! Every time your referred investor acquires a business, project or supports a talent, you get rewarded!

Mind the Secrets

Notes from the Frontier: Wildmind's Blueprint

Directly from the desk of Wildmind's founder—years of insights, late-night musings, and hard-won wisdom. A guide for those who lead, innovate, and dream.

Save 70% on Team Hiring Costs
Compared to hiring separate experts, our bundle significantly trims expenses
Reduce 50% of Coordination Time
Fewer back-and-forths and meetings mean swift, efficient workflows
Stabilize Budget with Fixed Fees
Monthly fluctuations are minimised, ensuring budget predictability
Slash 30% with All-Inclusive Service
A la carte services often tally up more due to varied contracts.

Wildmind's Origin: A Journey from Waiting Tables to Fostering Independence!

I've learned that with steadfast determination and a wild mind, achieving full independence isn't just a dream, it's possible for anyone. Today, Wildmind Creative Ltd stands as a tangible manifestation of this vision. We are here not just as a business, but as a platform that empowers businesses and creatives globally, giving them the tools they need to realize their own independence." - Sezay Karagöz, Founder

About Image - Job Board X Webflow Template

It was a good start but ended up crying alone under the street lambs.

This was my first day as a co-founder, after 18 months by sleeping in the agency where I used to work. I was pretty sure the grind is done and I am ready to start my own company, I thought hard work will save my ass.
Hell yeah!

That was not going to happen.

Thanks to my dear mom!

After 15 months from my first day in my start-up, I found myself in a position where I could not afford to pay the bill for my launch. My mom left her life behind and hold my hand way to London from Istanbul. To make a fresh start. We were sharing a small room in shared a room in a shared home in Palmers Green, London. We both had no plan about whats next but hoping the best.

I was lucky enough to find a job in JD Wetherspoon as waiter with almost no English.

After I started here, I was worrying if I can touch my computer again and being able to make money with my skills. Was that a new life where I left everything behind for. I was just questioning that but at the same time I was building my portfolio so I could apply for design jobs.

In five months, I could managed to get accepted for a Design role in a UK company. It was a huge move for me, I proud and sticked to my job for next three years.

5 more bloody years within the grind and hard work with 0 vacation.

When the traffic blocked, it was an opportunity for me to finish a task about Wildmind. I splited my tasks into areas based on when I can do them.

- Tasks I can only do with my phone
- Tasks I can only do with my notebook
- Tasks that can be drafted with pen and paper
- Tasks that I can only do when I had no pen, paper, phone or laptop. Things I can learn by listening.

And things, I can learn and also do at the same time.

I was looking forward to get my paid holidays to focus on Wildmind without any distraction. One part to complete in each paid holiday. So, It took my 5 years to feel confident enough to quit my full-time job and switch to Wildmind's Vision. Full Independency for everyone!

For the next day after we managed to buy our name, we were shaking our pants upside down.

Thanks to my dear wife who said yes to put £6,797K in a the name that we believe is going to change lives:

Today: we are over 10 people in our team working for a single purpose:

That’s why, we do not call our team members as employees.

Fill this form below to help us to understand your main problems. Then, We will review your current situation and will discuss your answers and your story in the free call I reserved for you.

After this call, I will build a custom team for you with a fixed monthly fee including all the costs you can imagine (and you can’t)  included in that single monthly fee.

You will have one dedicated manager (it's me) to get reports, ask questions and submit work requests.

You will have one dedicated manager (it's me) to get reports, ask questions and submit work requests. I will discuss your requests with the team and we will come up with a plan. If we decide the solution you need is to re-built your website and automate your lead generation. we will do it.

That’s our problem to be able to do this in the budget you can afford per every month.